Van Nuys AK300 Series + AMP Case With Seperate Flap (Poly-Mesh)

$ 129.00
  • A vertical type case which enables you to carry AK380/AK320/AK300 with AMP docked on.
  • The openings from the separate flap of the case allows you to carry the AK300 Series + AMP with earphones or headphones on it.
  • The custom designed oblique sides makes it easy to take the AK300 Series + AMP in and out of the case.
  • The inner surface of the main pocket is made of 100% Polyester, which is known for good air permeability, strength and durability from abrasions.
  • The double poly-mesh makes it attractive and highly durable as the material is generally used for vehicle seat covers, sofas or medical devices.