AK70 Case

$ 29.00

$ 79.00

Astell&Kern AK70 Case

Meet the AK70 case! With its edgy appearance and soft color, the AK70 comes in two fabric types and four colors. 

With its simple design and compact size, the AK70 case is made from the thinnest and lightest material available in the market, befitting the design concept and become portable at anytime anywhere. 

The material selected for this important role was created by Synt3, a world-class manufacturer of polyurethane from in Milan, Italy.

The diverse patterns and colors seen in the new brands developed by Synt3 are consistently regarded as new standards in the industry. Synt3's superb sense of design is always at the forefront of the industry.

By employing a pastel-colored anodizing process, the colors of the case accentuate the AK70's faint mint green with silver tone color that changes its shade depending on the light.