AK500N Full Series

$ 9,000.00

$ 16,000.00

The Ultimate MQS Network Audio System: AK500N Full Series

The AK500N is the first desktop high-resolution audio system from Astell&Kern that truly combines advanced digital technology with analog sound.

The AK500 Series consists of the AK500N (network player/server), AK500A (class A/B power amplifier), AK500P (power supply unit), and LED stand.


  • Choose from 3 capacity sizes: 1TB / 2TB / 4TB
  • Cirrus Logic CS4398 x2 (Dual DAC)
  • One click CD Ripping
  • Easy DLNA-based networking
  • PCM to DSD conversion feature
  • 4 Bay expandable SSD
  • Built-in battery for complete noise isolation
  • Multiple input and output connections


  • Class A/B amp with output of 50W per channel
  • Full balanced design that minimizes noise
  • Capacitor free input & feedback loop
  • Protective circuit utilizing optical sensors was implemented to prevent deterioration of sound quality
  • Input buffer, driver and output stage were completely isolated from the audio amplifier unit in an independent design


  • A high-speed switching-mode power supply (SMPS) used in aerospace applications was implemented
  • 1,000W (continuous) of power capacity
  • Total elimination of surge noise through PFC (Power Factor Correction)