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Beyerdynamic's First Tesla Driver IEM: AK T8iE

  • The first high-end in-ear model with Tesla Technology inside AK T8iE from beyerdynamic in cooperation with Astell&Kern.
  • The AK T8iE has been developed and designed from scratch to offer a superior in-ear sound experience. The finest engineers who developed acoustic reference headphones such as the T1 and AK T5p also designed the AK T8iE, a new landmark in the Tesla family.
  • The dynamic moving-coil transducer offers an extreme wide frequency range with crisp bass, well-balanced mids and crystal-clear highs.
  • Each AK T8iE is handcrafted in Germany by skilled employees, who have long-term experience assembling small electronic components.
  • Every single component of the AK T8iE is tested and approved multiple times before leaving our assembly line. This guarantees the highest level of quality and long lasting product durability.

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