AK T1p

$ 999.00

$ 1,199.00

T1p Sound on the Go: AK T1p

beyerdynamic’s top-of-the line T1 model returns with a new and improved tesla driver and lowered ohm impedance in collaboration with Astell&Kern.

The AK T1p provides distinguishing sound and mobile flexibility in comparison with the AK T5p, the first collaboration closed back headphone between the two companies and also beyerdynamic’s 600ohm open back T1 headphone.

Experience impressive and spacious sound with detachable cables and luxury grade surface finish when paired with Astell&Kern’s portable players.

  • Semi-open back design with improved Tesla drivers
  • Rated at 32Ω output impedance
  • Includes 3.5mm unbalanced & 2.5mm balanced cables and 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter
  • Handmade in Germany with the greatest attention to detail.