AK Ripper

$ 349.00

Perfect Extractor: AK CD-RIPPER

In these modern times, nobody like to drudge through their CD collection. Isn't it about time you had your entire collection at your fingertips?

Inheriting the "Perfect Extractor" from the acclaimed AK500N, the AK Ripper easily converts CDs to a digital format straight to your Astell&Kern player with only a single touch!

With the error correction feature straight from the AK500N, the AK Ripper automatically writes the album metadata using the Gracenote music database.

Easily rip your CD collection using the Astell&Kern music player and AK CD-Ripper!

  • Compatible with Wi-Fi enabled Astell&Kern Portable Players (AK70, AK100 II, AK120 II, AK240, AK300, AK320, AK380)
  • Can be connected either directly to an Astell&Kern player or via the PEM13 Cradle (sold separately)
  • Set the ripping speed (normal / fast / very fast) and file format (WAV / FLAC)
  • Integrated dampers minimizes ripping errors by controlling the vibrations that occur as CDs spin.

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