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The Essence of Tesla Technology: AK T8iE Mk Ⅱ

The AK T8iE MkⅡ succeeds and improves on the AK T8iE,  the world’s first Tesla in-ear headphone, collaboratively developed by Astell&Kern and beyerdynamic. The new flagship model promises truly outstanding sound and exceptional build quality.

The AK T8iE MkⅡ has high-grade silver-plated fiber cables with coaxial construction, an upgrade from copper cables. It also introduces a new voice-coil, drawing on all of the audio excellence beyerdynamic has pioneered since 1924.

Despite its small size, the AK T8iE Mk Ⅱ allows users to experience an extremely wide frequency range, with crisp bass, well-balanced mids, and crystal clear highs.

  • Improved high-grade voice-coil:
    • Highly reliable
    • Extreme low distortion
    • Easier movement of diaphragm at high volume levels
  • Premium copper cable:
    • High purity silver & copper alloy conductors allows for the purest sound
    • Made of aramid fiber core for ultimate strength
    • Skin friendly
    • Ultra flexible transparent sleeve
  • Gold-plated MMCX connectors:
    • High precision gold-plated MMCX connectors creates perfect fitting components
    • Great reliability & lowest resistance for best audio performance
  • Includes 3.5mm single ended & 2.5mm balanced cables