AK500N Full Series

$ 7,999.00

$ 16,000.00

The Ultimate MQS Network Audio System: AK500N Full Series

The AK500N is the first desktop high-resolution audio system from Astell&Kern that truly combines advanced digital technology with analog sound.

The AK500 Series consists of the AK500N (network player/server), AK500A (class A/B power amplifier), AK500P (power supply unit), and LED stand.


  • Choose from 3 capacity sizes: 1TB / 2TB / 4TB
  • Cirrus Logic CS4398 x2 (Dual DAC)
  • One click CD Ripping
  • Easy DLNA-based networking
  • PCM to DSD conversion feature
  • 4 Bay expandable SSD
  • Built-in battery for complete noise isolation
  • Multiple input and output connections


  • Class A/B amp with output of 50W per channel
  • Full balanced design that minimizes noise
  • Capacitor free input & feedback loop
  • Protective circuit utilizing optical sensors was implemented to prevent deterioration of sound quality
  • Input buffer, driver and output stage were completely isolated from the audio amplifier unit in an independent design


  • A high-speed switching-mode power supply (SMPS) used in aerospace applications was implemented
  • 1,000W (continuous) of power capacity
  • Total elimination of surge noise through PFC (Power Factor Correction)

AK500 Series

For the AK500 Series, no detail was overlooked from planning to development to delivery of sound that is true to the original source.
The Astell&Kern 500 Series gives you the freedom to select the sound you desire.

Design Concept 

The wondrous power and imagery found in nature influences many areas of design. Accordingly, the AK500 Series design motif was inspired by images in nature.

The core design of the AK500 Series features multiple facets coming together in a single point, symbolizing the greatness of Switzerland's Matterhorn, ever-changing with time and the amount of light.

We focused on capturing the imagery of its rock surfaces.
The AK500 Series exemplifies the process of rocks forming together from tiny grains of earth and stone. The final design was shaped by cutting angled surfaces into a large shape that had formed through the accumulation of smaller segments.

Light and Shadow

A close look at the AK500 Series reveals the intricacies of pitch through the acute angles found on its surface.
The changes in the surfaces expressed in the AK500 Series represent the highs, mids, and lows in sound.
The purpose of the AK500 Series is not to improve the sound but deliver the original sound as it was meant to be heard.

Astell&Kern represents core sound without any distortion.

AK500N Manufacturing Process

A large block of aluminum undergoes a variety of manufacturing steps.
A 5-axis machining process is used to create the unique front fascia of the AK500N.
The AK500N's fascia simply cannot be created with an ordinary machining process.
The aluminum block is rotated at different angles and carefully milled to create a complex design in a truly unique process.

The top, sides, and other parts of the AK500N are milled.
A wide array of tools are used in a time-consuming process to create the AK500N's unique shape.

The milled parts are treated in a sandblasting process.
Parts are blasted with sand under high pressure to create a soft and luxurious shine. The AK500N is sizable compared to other products, and thus, it requires the use of precision instruments to achieve its finish - a process that is too taxing for a human hand.

After the sanding process, the parts are washed to remove any debris or contaminants in preparation for the anodizing process for a smooth, colored finish. Each part is treated multiple times in various solutions.

Once the anodizing process is completed, the aluminum is engraved with a laser. 
Each aluminum body is precisely engraved with a serial number and the
Astell&Kern brand.