$ 179.00

$ 249.00

Music Starts with Simplicity, AK RM01

The AK RM01 is a BT remote control that smoothly and efficiently handles multiple functions of AK music players.

It controls the essential music playback features of play, pause, next/previous, and volume.
There is no “button overload” with the AK RM01, just the essentials. 
Sit back and relax with your favorite music conveniently controlled with the AK RM01.

The beautiful, ergonomically-designed aluminum wheel key allows easy yet precise volume adjustments and control of other essential functions with just a light touch.

Easily and conveniently operate your lineup of Astell&Kern products with the AK RM01.

Your fingertips have never been happier. It all starts now with the AK RM01.

The AK RM01 connects via BT to the Astell&Kern family of products including portable players and home audio devices that are BT enabled for convenient, long-distance control.

AK T1 Remote Control Connecting Screen


AK380 Remote Control Connecting Screen


The AK RM01 immediately enters pairing mode when powered on to connect via BT to an Astell&Kern product.
To re-enter pairing mode while in use, simply press the power key twice.
Simply power on the device for hassle-free connection and operation.

The AK RM01 looks great in any setting thanks to its stylish and luxurious aluminum finish.
The volume adjustment wheel key inherited the design identity of the existing line of Astell&Kern products and delivers the tactile feedback preferred by many music lovers.