Product Information: AK70

Music Friend In My Pocket, AK70

24bit 192kHz bit to bit Playback

The AK70's DAC, based on market-proven CS4398 chips of Cirrus Logic, has been used for years in Hi-Fi audios and the second-generation Astell&Kern devices.

The AK70 plays back 24bit 192kHz signals into bit-to-bit type.
32bit audio is downsampled using a sample-rate converter. In addition, DSD 64/128 can be played back through conversion to PCM.

* 32bit, 384kHz is downsampled to 24bit, 192kHz, and 32bit, 352kHz is downsampled to 24bit, 176kHz for playback.
* DSD 64/128 is converted via DSD-to-PCM to PCM 24bit, 176kHz for playback.

AK70's Diverse Output Types - Balanced Output

The AK70 supports the 2.5-mm 4-pole balanced output (2.3 Vrms) that has been in use since the second generation of the Astell&Kern players.

Unlike the unbalanced type, the balanced output type is capable of removing noise (common mode noise) that can occur in “signal + inverting ampli

fier signal” and has the strength of increasing output due to its double transmitting signals.
The AK70 can be used with a variety of balanced earphones and headphones made for Astell&Kern. It can also support the 3.5-mm 3-pole unbalanced output (2.3 Vrms), with compatibility with a variety of Hi-Fi earphones and headphones.

Variety of Output Types of AK70 - USB Audio

The AK70 supports USB audio digital out, first among Astell&Kern devices.

You can connect diverse digital-input portable amps through USB to the AK70. The AK70 can transfer DSD in native through DoP. It can also convert DSD into PCM for output for portable amps that do not support DoP.

* USB audio output is available only when digital input is possible through USB.
* DoP (DSD over PCM) : This is a standard for transferring DSD data to USB interface. This standard sends DSD data by mounting them onto PCM data frames.
* In order to link the AK70 with a portable amp, one needs OTG cable, which is not included in the AK70 package.
* The cable connecting OTG cable with a portable amp differs depending on the specs of the amp, >which is not included in the AK70 package.

Variety of Output Types of AK70 - USB DAC

The AK70 can be used with a USB DAC that can double as an embedded sound card by connecting with a PC/Mac through the USB port.
In the case of using the PC's embedded sound card, one may have to go through a complicated process to play back DSD data. In contrast, the AK70 can do so simply by connecting with the PC.

In the case of using the AK70 as a USB DAC, it can support up to 24-bit 96 kHz bit to bit, providing much richer sound through superior ambience and resolution way beyond the limits of an embedded sound card.

* When using the AK70 as a USB DAC, its PEQ settings are not applied, and output up to 24bit, 96kHz is supported.
* DSD 64/128 is converted via DSD-to-PCM for playback.


The AK70 can allow users to rip CDs with ease by linking with the AK CD-RIPPER.
By inheriting from the AK500N, it supports the CD track error correction feature and the meta data (ID3TAG) auto input feature using Gracenote's database without any change.

* The AK CD-RIPPER may not be properly recognized when using a power supply adapter rated at less than 5V 2A.

The AK70's Network - AK Connect

The AK70 comes equipped with the AK Connect feature that can be connected with network-ready Astell&Kern devices.

It is also appointed with wireless networking DLNA (Ver. 1.0), which makes it easy to work with NAS/PC on the same network and through an AK Connect app supporting smartphone/tablet computer.

DMP (Digital Media Player)
Finds a list of content on a media server for selection and playback.

DMC (Digital Media Controller)
Finds a list of content on a media server and establishes a connection to a playback-capable device (renderer). By default, a DMC establishes a connection between a media server and media renderer and controls content playback-related operations.

DMS (Digital Media Server = Network Server)
Actually stores the media content to be shared. When connected to a network, the DMS transmits/distributes the media content for other devices to stream or download.

DMR (Digital Media Renderer = Network Player)
Connects to a media server via media controller for content playback. 

AK Jr vs. AK70 vs. AK300


  • Astell&Kern Support

    Terry Hill: The AK70 and our high-res portable audio players do not support Bluetooth audio through a car audio system. If you are playing the AK70 through your car’s AUX In port, it does not display playback or audio playlist control through your car’s stereo. Playback control must be done through the AK70’s screen.

  • Terry Hill

    Hello, can I have some advice on my AK 70 which i am finding difficult to connect via bluetooth to my car, as it seems to cut in and out. My car has a high end factory fitted Meridian system with lcd screen and when I also connect via the headphone socket, it plays the music but there is no display on the lcd screen in the car, Is this normal??.
    Please advise.

    Terry Hill

  • Astell&Kern Support

    Kurt: Dealers selling new Astell&Kern products must be approved by the distributor of that region. Warranty or servicing on any Astell&Kern products purchased secondhand or from an unauthorized dealer will not be honored. Limited edition colors are subject to specific regions and if you have a software or hardware issue with the unit, you will need to send it to be repaired out of warranty or back to Japan.

    Adam Kenney: As the AK70 converts DSD to PCM, it should be supported by Bluetooth.

    Nick: Leaving the AK70 on USB DAC mode shouldn’t affect the battery life of the unit, as the AK70 will automatically stop charging once 100% charged.

  • Kurt

    Sorry what do you mean authorised dealer? Japan retail shop are all authorised dealer…The thing is that only they carry limited edition color which i’m keen but I do not wish to send back to japan for repair if anything goes wrong.

  • Adam Kenney

    Does the AK70 support DSD playback via Bluetooth? I have the AKjr and was surprised to find this not supported (or mentioned by AK in the product details).

  • Nick

    Hi A&K!

    I finally got my AK70 in the mail not two days ago and I am thoroughly impressed and delighted. It’s my first ever DAP and it has been a revelation to hear quality music through a quality player.

    Just a question though, is it safe for the overall life of the battery to always have my AK70 connected to my laptop in DAC mode? I haven’t really gone out with it just yet and it’s been connected at full charge for hours.

    I’ve just asked this in case I should consider buying a standalone DAC for my laptop instead of using up the life of my AK70 whose purpose of purchase was music on the go.


  • Tom Lang

    For some reason my eq wont manually work. The sliders move but no pitch different. I’m running V1.30
    Any help would be nice.

  • Seiji

    I am not a acoustical engineer, I listen to music purely for my enjoyment. My Beyerdynamic T1 Second Edition come next week. After a listen to the AK70 with higher resolving capabilities of T1 (vs HE400i) once it is burned in, I will have more to share on Facebook about the AK70 with a properly matched headphone.

    Thanks again!

  • Astell&Kern Support

    Seiji: Glad to hear you are enjoying the AK70! A share of your feedback on our Facebook page would be most appreciated!

    Kurt: Our products come with a limited 1 year parts and labor warranty. The unit must be purchased from an authorized retailer.

  • Seiji

    After a couple of weeks with the AK70, I really LOVE this player!
    I used to listen to California Labs DA converter with Audio Research Classic 30 and D76 all tube amps.
    I never liked portable players much, but I love this AK70 with my HiFiMan 400i cans. I’ve also ordered Beyerdynamic T1 second edition and an A20 amp for the AK70.
    Haven’t enjoyed a portable player so much.

    Thanks again.


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