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A New High-End Portable
Astell&Kern is proud to introduce the A&ultima SP1000.
The A&ultima SP1000 is a one-of-a-kind, high-end, powerful high resolution music player equipped with the latest advanced features.
  • The ultimate in sound quality, a true high-resolution music player
  • First Astell&Kern player to feature an octa-core CPU for outstanding response and performance
  • High Definition HD5 display to create the best viewing experience
  • Innovative new multi-function volume wheel and stainless steel or copper housing
  • The A&ultima SP1000: delivering the ultimate Astell&Kern technology


Ultimate Sound Quality

The latest AK4497EQ dual-DAC design and the upgraded CPU in the SP1000 allows for accurate playback of native 32bit/384kHz audio with no compromise on sound quality. The music is played back, bit-for-bit, just as the artist and engineer intended for it to be heard.

The SP1000 also supports native bit-to-bit DSD playback up to 11.2MHz for the best sound possible. 

Get Both High Output and Vivid Sound

Traditional audio has suffered from noise and distortion as power output is increased. Astell&Kern’s advanced audio design and signal management technologies used in the A&ultima SP1000 brings more power output with less noise and minimal distortion.

Vivid Sound Creates a Superior Audible Experience

Independent DACs for the left and right audio channels provide a wider soundstage and better stereo separation.

Each AK4497EQ DAC provides rich and vivid audio reproduction, allowing the listener to enjoy the sound as it was meant to be heard.


Great Performance for the Ultimate Experience

The A&ultima SP1000 is equipped with an octa-core CPU which allows the player to produce the exact musical detail present in the original recording without distortion and provides a quick, lag-free operation.

The A&ultima SP100 features faster booting times, speedy file transfers, lag-free processing and a new intuitive user interface for the ultimate player experience.

Wider Screen for Vibrant Images

The A&ultima SP1000 features a bezel-less design to maximize screen size.

The high-definition HD5 grade display delivers a vibrant and engaging viewing experience. Song and player information is sharp, colorful and easily to read on the larger, brighter screen.


New Intuitive User Interface for the Ultimate User Experience

The A&ultima SP1000 features a revamped interface design which provides music playback from the home screen to give users a more music-centric experience.

By placing the power button on the volume wheel located on the side of the SP1000 instead of on the top, users can control the volume and turn the LCD screen ON/OFF, all with one simple control.

* When the SP1000 is on the home screen, all functions are centered on the music playback screen.

* The SP1000’s user interface provides a simple, minimalist menu design and structure, allowing users to access features and functions quickly and easily.


Faster Charging, Quicker File Transfer

Next generation USB Type-C support allows file transfer speeds up to 10Gbps and supports both data transfer and charging from the same cable.

USB 3.0 protocol transfers data twice as fast when compared to other Astell&Kern players. 

Charging with a fast charger (at 9V/1.67A) takes only two hours and allows up to 12 hours of continuous playback.

* The maximum 12 hours of continuous play is based on a 24-bit/96 kHz, FLAC file audio file, with the screen off, at 50% volume level, and power output set at low gain playback.

* A fast charger rated 9V/1.67A or a general charger rated 5V/2A are not included. 

Design Concept

The SP1000, the first A&ultima player, is like a natural gemstone carefully refined by professionals.

Knowing that sound is reflected from mass, like light is reflected from a surface; we designed the SP1000 like a gemstone with reflective features on its surface. 

The crown-patterned volume wheel on the right corner is similar in appearance to a cut gemstone, which reflects light from various angles.

The sophisticated volume wheel on SP1000 not only delivers visual and textual details with precision, but allows convenient, one finger ON/OFF control and fine volume control with the addition of both push and turn features.

The external chassis of the SP1000 is made of rugged stainless steel that resists aging and external shock. The SP1000 is the ultimate music player, crafted in an artistically designed metallic setting.

Product Comparison


  • Astell&Kern Support

    David Han: We have stabilized the microSD card capabilities with the latest firmware update (v1.01). Please update your SP1000 and re-insert the card again.

    gjdklfjg: The Copper version of the SP1000 will come with a clearcoat to resist oxidation, but as the Copper alloy is susceptible to oxidation and tarnishing, regular cleaning with a Copper alloy cleaner is what we can suggest.

  • Astell&Kern Support

    Greg Stanton: We apologize if you were not informed of any upcoming models from our Australian network of resellers. Please do understand we launch new products fairly regularly and that includes entry level, mid-level, and flagship models. We’re always looking to push limits of what can be achieved with portable high-res audio and this also means launching new products with radical new features and apply what we have learned from developing and manufacturing.

    Your AK380 is still a flagship product (albeit a former flagship). It is still a great performer and should serve you well for many years to come. Please note that If you have purchased the AK380 in January of this year (2017), the unit has been on the marketplace for over 1 year at that point.

    We hope that you will remain a supporter and customer of Astell&Kern and our products.

  • gjdklfjg

    Dear staffs of AK:

    Hi! I just want to ask for SP1000 copper, do we need to do something to resist oxidization of the body? Does SP1000 copper still have the problems of oxidization? Thank you!


  • David Han

    I am having problem mounting a Samsung 256 GB card reliably. I tried copying the file on the card with a PC and found the machine will not read the card and sometime cannot mount the card. I tried formating the card in the SP1000 and transfer the music to the card through SP1000 connected to a PC. SP1000 indicating the files were available and then the next thing I know, the card is unrecognized by the SP1000. Is there a software update beyond 1.01, or I need to use a certain company’s card or my unit is defective.
    Please help.

  • Greg Stanton

    How sad that having embarked upon a series of purchases of products from your range including ,what was then described at the time as thetop-of-the-line AK380, being as recently as January this year, I now learn that that particular model has been superseded without any hint or suggestion from either yourselves or your Australian supplier as to that likelihood.

    Whilst the AK 380 has proven to be a very beautiful and impressive unit I’m somewhat dismayed that at least the opportunity of delaying and deferring its purchase pending the recent innovation was not afforded to customers such as myself .
    Your Australian distributor assures me that they were unaware of the introduction of a new model before one week I’ll be through loose and that this secretive approach by A&K is both usual and the preferred mode of operation.

    It makes me wary in future to purchase any item from from you until unless I am able to ascertain that the item will be for a reasonable period of time “top-of-the-line” .

    The audacious and somewhat arrogant comparing the two models in your latest promo is perhaps indicative of the manner in which to deal with your customers in respect of such matters.

    Nonetheless you are items in question are all of a superior quality it is simply somewhat disappointing and extremely frustrating thinking that you are purchasing an item that is without any notice given to you about to be superseded by an improved and updated model.

    Caution will no doubt be exercised in the future .

  • Astell&Kern Support

    Andy Didier: File downloads and offline mode through Tidal is currently still exclusive to the iOS and Android apps. It is not supported by Astell&Kern products at this time. The SP1000 features 4GB of RAM.

  • Andy Didier

    Can you play Tidal and save offline music to player? Also, how many Gbs of RAM does this player have?

    Thanks, Andy

  • Astell&Kern Support

    Eugene: Thanks for the feedback! We’ll pass it along to our R&D team and hope to see it implemented in the near future.

    PaulV: The Copper SP1000 should be shipping around mid to end of July. We are taking pre-orders for them now, but we cannot guarantee arrival by your specified timeframe.

    UB: Please check with our Dealer Locator link at the bottom of this page for authorized dealers closest to you. We also have dealers in Germany as well. Our global network page at should get you started in the right direction.

  • UB

    When and Where can I buy the new player in New York ? Any recommendations ? When do you start selling abroad or with Amazon.De e.g. ??? Best UB

  • PaulV

    Hello Astell,
    I would like to buy a copper SP1000.
    I live in Seattle, WA but on July 27, 2017 I will leave Seattle and go abroad to Europe. My question is if I pre-pay today for a copper SP1000, will I receive it before I leave Seattle for my trip – before July 27? Thank you in advance!

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