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High-quality Bluetooth, AK XB10

We added high sound quality to the wireless freedom!

Now it's possible to use aptX™ HD, the latest Bluetooth codec of Qualcomm to receive 24bit high-quality data wirelessly, and it's designed to faithfully play back the transmitted high-quality data using Astell&Kern's own sound technology.

Music via Bluetooth without compromise

The AK XB10 delivers a distinctive difference in sound from conventional Bluetooth products. The moment you hear it, you wonder "Does this sound really come from Bluetooth?"

Astell&Kerns outstanding technologies are throughout aptX™ HD to support 24bit/48kHz Bluetooth performance, along with DAC and AMP, essential components of fine audio.

The utmost in Bluetooth listening pleasure: AK XB10.

Qualcomm® aptX™ HD

While the AK XB10 is a device that wirelessly transmits audio data from smartphones via Bluetooth, it is quite different from conventional Bluetooth devices, in that it supports the aptX™ HD Bluetooth codec.

Just as the display resolutions of televisions evolved from standard to high-definition to 4K ultra-HD for sharper image quality, we are now in the era in which Bluetooth now supports 24-bit audio resolution.

24-bit HD audio that was simply not possible with previous Bluetooth technologies can now be fully enjoyed with aptX™ HD.

Typically used in professional broadcasting, the original aptX™ audio codec is widely used for 16-bit near-CD quality sound.
The benefits of the aptX™ codec include superior compression, low computational cost, and low transmission delay.

Launched in early 2016, the next-generation aptX™ HD codec is capable of transmitting up to 24-bit/48 kHz audio that is faithful to the original audio file.

* Devices connected to the AK XB10 must support the aptX™ and aptX™ HD codecs for 24bit audio playback.

Bluetooth codecs can be easily compared to data packet efficiency.
Comparing data packet capacity in a Bluetooth transmission to passengers on a bus, the SBC codec is only capable of seating one passenger per bus. The aptX™ codec can seat three passengers, while the aptX™ HD codec can seat five.

Just like having the ability to fit more people on one bus, the aptX™ HD is far more efficient than other audio codecs.
More information and data can be transmitted if lesser data is lost in a given transmission.

Perfect Sound

The AK XB10 is equipped with a Hi-Fi DAC capable of reproducing high-quality sound up to 24-bit/192 kHz. Its analog amplifier was tuned using Astell&Kern's own sound technologies to complete the package.

A digital-to-analog converter (DAC) converts digital data into analog signals in a digital media player (DMP).
The AK XB10 is equipped with a dedicated DAC for the best digital-to-analog signal conversion that significantly improves Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).

While a typical analog amplifier simply amplifies and outputs low level audio signals, the Astell&Kern amplifier in the AK XB10 is different.

Rather than simply amplifying the audio signal, the amplifier was designed with a "driving" concept to amplify weak signals and power difficult to drive high impedance headphones. A strong signal is required to drive headphones with a high impedance. The AK XB10's analog amplifier is more than capable of handling the task.

For example: when comparing the amplifier to a camera, using the zoom function to enlarge small objects in a viewfinder is much like how a common amplifier performs. However, the AK XB10's amplifier is similar to the way a pan focus function clearly focuses blurry images.

Simply put, the Astell&Kern amplifier focuses on the weak signal.

Dual Audio Output

"Oh, no! My earphones aren't compatible!"
Have you ever seen a tiny headphone jack where ordinary earphones cannot be plugged?

This is known as a 2.5 mm "sub-mini" audio connector. It's also known as a balanced connector. Modes of transmitting an analog signal can be divided into balanced and unbalanced. An unbalanced connection typically consists of a signal (L + R) and the ground. The ground is supposed to prevent external noise, but noise can still be introduced to the signal and can affect transmitted signals that causes variations and noise in sound.

The balanced connection was developed to reduce ground noise as the signal is transmitted. This connection adds a reverse phase signal (L + R) to an unbalanced signal (L + R) to diminish the noise.

The balanced connection has several advantages compared to an unbalanced connection. The same noise (common-mode noise) that occurs in a signal + reverse-phase signal can be eliminated and output is increased since two separate signals are transmitted.

Thus, it is only natural that we include a 2.5mm jack on the AK XB10 for audio enthusiasts. Enjoy a deeper level of sound through the AK XB10's balanced 2.5mm output.


iOS & Android Compatible

The AK XB10 is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

The AK XB10 supports the SBC, aptX™, and aptX™ HD codecs for Android devices and the AAC codec for iOS.
Forget about device compatibility issues, turn on your smartphone’s Bluetooth, and connect the AK XB10. You can also connect any laptop/notebook that supports Bluetooth.
You will be transported to a new world of sound the moment the AK XB10 is connected to your smartphone.


Handsfree Function

When you receive a call while listening to music with the AK XB10,
should you turn off the Bluetooth function before answering?
Should you unplug your earphones from the AK XB10 and connect them to your phone?

NO! Of course not!
For the ultimate in convenience, the AK XB10 supports voice calls and features a built-in microphone so that you can receive calls when using earphones without a microphone.

Press the button once to receive a call while connected via Bluetooth and press and hold the button to reject a call. Easy peasy.

Design Concept

The AK XB10's design was inspired by Astell&Kern's principal design motif of light and shadow.

With this design concept, the AK XB10 was shaped to mimic the appearance of the scattering of light from a star (astell in Greek means star).

The top surface of the AK XB10 is split into quadrants, which allows easy operation with just a touch of the hand. It may look simple, but the AK XB10 was produced only after careful consideration of both design and usability.

The AK XB10 has one more defining feature – its clip.
When you want to enjoy your music but don’t want to be tied down, simply mount the clip to the AK XB10 and clip it to your shirt or bag. This simple clip further enhances the portability and keeps your hands free. The AK XB10 is even lighter than the energy bar you eat while exercising.

Now, are you ready for the ultimate convenience in Hi-Fi audio?





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  • Astell&Kern Support

    Thomas: You should not see any latency with aptX HD. Please see Qualcomm’s list of aptX HD capable products here –

  • Thomas

    Thanks , If the XB10 is the transmitter, are you aware of any receiver that can receive in 24bit audio ? as I’m presuming I can’t use any bluetooth receiver > just to ensure that I receive 24Bit at 48khz. Plus can you confirm if there is any latency with APTx HD ?


  • Astell&Kern Support

    Thomas: The XB10 is the Bluetooth Transmitter. Sync the XB10 to a playback device (like your phone or a music player) and connect headphones to the XB10 and play high-res audio from the playback device through Bluetooth.

    Bob: If there are debris or dust inside of the headphone port or if the 2.5mm jack on the headphone cable is damaged, it can cause a loss of audio channel.

  • Thomas

    Dear Support

    I am about to purchase your AK XB10 bluetooth receiver however I intend to use it to connect it to an audio source that requires a BT transmitter . Can you recommend a transmitter that best works with the AK BX10 receiver ? The audio source outputs Audio at 48khz 24 Bit Stereo and would be used in a music studio hence ZERO latency and audio quality s an absolute must . Would you be able to help and advise which transmitter would fit this requirement and best suited and pairs easily with your receiver to deliver this experience with ZERO delay. Thanks

  • Bob

    Using a balanced cable and I’ve noticed that sometimes the sound will go out of the left ear or get staticy if the connector is turned a little bit. It’s a bit inconvenient trying to keep it steady at times. Is this normal?

  • Jacky

    What is the aptx hd’s frequancy response range and so as the AK XB10 frequancy response range

  • Astell&Kern Support

    Mikey: The 3.5mm and the 2.5mm balanced headphone jacks of the XB10 are for output only. Unfortunately, it is only able to transmit audio through the headphone jacks and cannot be used for audio input.

  • Astell&Kern Support

    Gary: If the 2.5mm balanced ports of both XB10 are giving you the same issue with your iPhone 7 but not with the AK120, then the problem may be with your iPhone.

  • Gary

    I have two XB10 also have a same problem. When I using 2.5 mm balanced line out. I only can hear in right side and no signal in left side via iphone 7. But it is normally using in AK120 with the same cable. Can you please help to fix this problem ? Thanks.

  • Mikey

    Absolutely loving the look of this product,

    Is this able to serve a transmitting function i.e Input through audio jacks and transmit this through bluetooth to a smartphone?

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